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About InspiraXion Developments

InspiraXion Developments is a youth empowerment organization that offers special needs in education pro- grammes and projects for youth.

We initiate and drive educational programmes that uplift and encourage youth to get inspired, be responsible, take charge and unleash the potation within. We implement our programmes with great valour and tenacity that motivates the youth to actively participate economically by advocating and capacitating youth in community development, character building, leader- ship, public speaking, adventure sports , environmental awareness, creative arts and entrepreneurship


Our visions are:

To instil a culture of learning within the youth to lead successful driven lifestyles and facilitate career de- velopment programmes for youth to unleash their potentials. To provide accommodation in the farm for educational camps, youth summits and conferences, further encourage agricultural practices to mentor the youth.


Our missions are:

Accomplish and sustain the recreational campsite in the form of a smallholder farm, to have and serve as a centre of learning and development for young people by providing specialized educational programmes through forming partnerships as stakeholders.l-md-4-->

WHY US....

InspiraXion Developments in youth tar- geted company driven by other qualified inspirational role model youth . The impact and outcomes from the spe- cial needs in education initiatives, pro- jects and awareness campaign have been so beneficial to the youth that our part- ners and stakeholders continue to en- gage us and partner with us in other youth developmental roles, projects and initiatives. Testimonies from young people on how their lives have been impacted and life- styles have changed to responsible young adults, are now active in their on devel- opment continue to form the basis of our strength and motivation. At InspiraXion Developments we are pas- sionate about unleashing the potential of youth and endure to strive for ongoing consultative process with those affected. We are unique that our programmes and projects are implemented in the rural areas and previously disadvantaged townships in and around the Eastern Cape. We are professional , qualified, effective and efficient in the initiating and imple- menting our programmes. We reach our targets and are bale to meet deadlines. We are creating opportunities for youth by means of developing, capacitating, advocating, empowering and actively engaging youth in economic strengthen- ing activities which uplifts the socio- economic standards of our communities


At InspiraXion Developments we are capable of : Planning, organizing and suc- cessfully driving Character Building Educational Adven- ture Camps, aimed at unleash- ing the potentials of youth. Planning, organizing and part- nering with prominent stake- holders and investors in con- duction Debating Workshops, Tournaments, Adjudication and Public Speaking in schools Successfully engaging youth in community dialogues, develop- mental leadership and peer education workshops , train- ings and team building activi- ties. Our unique points: We are in the process of apply- ing and enquiring a campsite accommodation for adventure camps, facilitation and confer- encing venue and further de- velop agricultural practices on the campsite. We are employing African solu- tions to challenges faced by young people in our continent. Our company values the empowerment initiatives offered to the youth and it is our mandate to continue being a beacon of hope to other youth challenged by their different circumstances.

Our Services


The debating workshops and tourna- ments are platforms for intellectual growth and de- velopment of youth. Through these, critical think- ing and analytical skills are inculcated in the youth. Therefore, the training of learners in public speak- ing, presentations, and formal debates is signifi- cant. We seek to ensure motivated, driven, confi- dent and high self-esteemed learners with enhanced academic potential. Through these, we can engage youth to participate in local, provincial, national and international leagues.


Camps provide space for reflective and action learning. Through these, young people engage their socio-economic and polit- ical context of their existence. Peer Education, Char- acter Building, Building Resilience in learners, Moti- vational Aspects, Future Planning, Career Guidance and Sports Camps are also our means to influence youth.


As the organisation we offer public speaking and motivational seminars to youth. This enables youth to be aware of who they are and what they can become. Youth are encouraged to be- lieve in themselves and to take charge of their lives adding value by participating in initiatives that will capacitate them. We believe that the youth are the leaders of to- morrow and have great potential within them to propel them in coming up with solutions to their challenges they face such as increasing rate of unemployment, high prevalence rate of HIV/ AIDS, funding for tertiary, inequality of education and many other factors. We value our youth and have made commendable strides in motivating them.


Young people are faced with the challenge of not knowing what careers to pursue or what course to enrol for when leaving secondary schools. Learners from the disadvantaged schools further more cannot cope with the load of main stream tertiary education hence most tertiary institutions have the extend- ed studies curriculum or foundation phase before main stream. As the organisation we believe that such interventions need to happen as early as primary and secondary education. Learners are taken into a pro- gramme of being capacitated and trained on decision making skills for their future learning more about themselves and what areas of career planning one can venture into.


The development of youth leadership skills prepares them for good and responsible citizenship. Workshops and Trainings aimed at capacitating and empowering young who are in leader- ship positions e.g. Leaner Representatives Councils, Youth Coun- cils, Executive committees of Sports Bodies, Youth Forums, Youth in politics are typical interventions of interest.


Ignorance amongst the youth can create a socio-economic vul- nerability and liability. To counter these, platforms to create and raise awareness and observance of dates and initiatives are es- sential. Youth month, Heritage month, 16 Days of Activism, Book weeks, Literacy Day, Crime Prevention, Child Trafficking, Child Protection Week, National Children’s day, National Nutrition Week, International Day of Innocent Children – Victims of ag- gression are cases in point.


Ignorance amongst the youth can create a socio-economic vulnerabil- ity and liability. To counter these, platforms to create and raise awareness and observance of dates and initiatives are essential. Youth month, Heritage month, 16 Days of Activism, Book weeks, Literacy Day, Crime Prevention, Child Trafficking, Child Protection Week, National Children’s day, National Nutrition Week, International Day of Inno- cent Children – Victims of aggres- sion are cases in point. We have partnered with prominent stakeholders and various govern- ment departments in raising aware- ness in challenges faced by youth and have taken part in initiatives to make an impact and achieve de- sired outcome of empowering young people.


Art is a means of tracing steps, one’s origin and future. Through a cultural renaissance, young people can be influenced to ex- press and perform their social reality with informed pride and knowledge. Groups of sewing, beading, carpentry for income generating and other co-ops are cases in point.

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